All Natural Eczema Relief Face and Body Butter- 4 oz  (JM $2,200 )

All Natural Eczema Relief Face and Body Butter- 4 oz (JM $2,200 )

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Our All Natural Eczema Relief Face & Body Butter has been tested to prove its effectiveness! Combats dermatitis (including Eczema), Psoriasis, Rosacea, Shingles, Keratosis, Polaris, and Sunburn & has Post-Chemo skin benefits. Soothes and prevents itching, dryness & inflamed skin. Also, reduces discolouration & irritation and promotes the healing of rashes (caused by dermatitis). 


Ingredient Super Stars:
Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters
Arnica Montana
Organic Hempseed Oil
Aloe Leaf Extract
Cucumber Extract
Orange Fruit Extract (Vitamin C)
Lemon Fruit Extract (Vitamin C)
Naturally Occurring Vitamins A-K and Minerals.

Organic Shea Butter is an excellent natural hydrator to help combat eczema because of its high oil content and fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin and cause skin cell regeneration. ... And, with Vitamins A, E and F, Organic Shea also helps to promote healing of dry, itchy and inflamed skin.
Cocoa Butter nourishes dehydrated skin and has been studied for its promising ability to promote the healing of rashes caused by eczema and dermatitis.
The trifecta effect of Organic Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters are renowned for their abilities to reduce the discoloration of stretch marks and scars.
Organic Hempseed Oil's powerful omega-3s, can drastically reduce inflammation and itching.
Arnica Montana is world renowned, not only as a pain relief agent, but also for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Arnica also stimulates blood circulation directly under the skin to promote healthy skin turnover, wound healing and collagen production.
Turmeric also contains antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, making it an appealing treatment option for a variety of skin conditions, including eczema and atopic dermatitis.
Aloe is an all-natural skin soother and humectant that draws ingredients and moisture deeply into the inner skin layers and seals them there so that they can work quickly and effectively.
Cucumber Extract contains oleic acid also strengthens the integrity of the cells and helps to heal eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne etc.
Fruit Extracts (Vitamin C) Fruit Extracts are known to promote the growth of newer and healthier cells, hydrate and alleviate the discomforts of dryness, protect against the harsh effects of UV radiation, enhance elasticity, reduce the appearance of redness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, itching and the signs of aging.

Used medicinally, topically, Fruit Extracts facilitate wound healing, support skin's detoxification, soothe and prevent inflammation, promote the strengthening of cellular tissue, and combat all types of dermatitis.


HOW TO USEApply the desired amount in a circular motion (after using our All Natural Eczema Relief soap), on affected areas. Perfect for head-to-toe use. External use only.

Do not use if you have Shea, Cocoa, or Mango allergies.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.